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Delivery and Click & Collect Promotions 

For all delivery promotions (e.g. free delivery) you will still incur a flat cost of €0.30 for plastic bags on your final invoice.


How can I receive the 1+1 offer?

To receive the 1+1 offer, make sure to add 2 of that item in your cart. Only then will the second item be discounted as free. Upon successfully completing the terms of the offer, the offer price will be immediately available with your cart. If you only add 1 item in your cart, you will not receive the discount/offer.  



What is the minimum order value for delivery?

The minimum order value to order online is €40 including shipping cost


How much is the delivery cost?

The delivery cost is €2.95 to all areas for orders under €100. For orders over €100 enjoy Free Shipping.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver to many post codes. To check whether we deliver to your area, enter your post code in the box indicated on the top part of our website.


What are your delivery options?

Your order can be delivered between 9:00-20:00 Monday – Sunday. See the available slots in your cart.


Delivery information

How do you deliver?

We deliver in specialized vans that have sections for frozen and refrigerated products. Our delivery driver will deliver to your doorstep.

Please also be aware, we can only deliver if someone over the age of 18 is there to sign for the delivery.                                                                            


Is the total cost on my order confirmation the final cost I will pay?

When you make an online order, the final cost that you will pay may vary from the cost on your order confirmation. The reasons are weighed pre-packed products that may vary in price, or any possible substitutions or out of stocks that may occur.

The total cost amount as seen on your order confirmation is reserved on your method of payment, but the final total cost will be charged after your order is picked.


Why haven’t I received all the products I ordered?

Sometimes, one or more of your items may not be available when we pick your order, because the item has gone out of stock, for example. If you’ve chosen to allow substitutions, we will offer you a suitable alternative of equal or lower value. The driver will deliver a picking list along with your delivery, clearly indicating any substitutions. If you don’t want any of these substitutions, just give them back to the driver and your payment card will be refunded.

Please note that any substitutions not returned to the driver, may not be accepted within the store (e.g. frozen products). See our returns policy here for the items you can return to our stores.


What if an item is damaged/expired?

If an item is damaged, hand it back to your delivery driver. The amount will be refunded to your method of payment. If you only notice this after the driver has left, you can return it to your local store with your receipt.


I changed my mind about a product I ordered and would like to return it

You can return unwanted substitutions to your driver. If the product is not a substitution, you can only return it to the store, and only if our returns policy allows it. Our returns policy also applies to any substitutions you don’t want but didn’t return to the driver.


What if my delivery is late?

Delays sometimes happen due to circumstances beyond our control, like mechanical failures or unexpectedly heavy traffic. We will call or text you about any delay as soon as possible.


What if an item is missing from my order?

If an item is charged on the dispatch note you have received with your order, but you have not received it, please contact us.


Bagless delivery

At this point, we can only deliver your order in plastic bags. This may change in the future.


Can I order if I’m self-isolating?

Yes, we’ll deliver to customers in self‐isolation. You can let us know that you’re in self‐isolation when you order (using the delivery notes box) or let the driver know at the door, so that they can deliver safely.

Our drivers will deliver to your doorstep while keeping a 2‐metre distance from you. If you live in a flat, your groceries will still be delivered to your front door.


Which Covid-19 safety measures are you applying?

All our staff will wear a mask and gloves while delivering your order. Also, they are regularly being tested for Covid-19 to ensure your safety. Our drivers will always keep their distance from you unless it’s unavoidable.

If any of our drivers are not complying with the above measures, please contact us.


How can I keep track of my order?

On the day of your delivery, you will receive an SMS message with your selected slot. Before the driver starts heading towards your home, you will receive an SMS message to track your order in real-time, and an estimated delivery time.



Can I connect my using my Social Family card or do I need to register again?

You may select that you are an “Existing customer” while registering, to connect your Social Family card account to the website. By connecting your account, you will have access to your existing points balance and will not need to enter your data again. Please do review your data for any changes though, as this may impact delivery.


I don’t have a Social Family card. Can I register on the website?

Our website is open to both existing cardholders as well as new customers. You can select to join the Alphamega Family and create an account on the site, that will also be available to use within the store to keep taking advantage of our benefits.


The site says my existing Social Family card doesn’t exist

Enter the phone number exactly as it appears on your Social Family card. If your phone number is a landline, please contact us with your current card phone number, the name on the account and your address (for verification purposes), as well as the new phone number you would like to add to the account.


I registered for an account on the website, but it says “Invalid email or password”

If you have just created your account, make sure you have verified it through the e-mail link you were sent. It will not allow you to log in until you have verified your account.

Alternatively, please make sure you are typing your email and password correctly. Select “forgot password” and change your password if the problem persists. 

If after changing your password it still won’t allow you to log in, contact us.


If I registered on the Alphamega Loyalty App, do I still need to register on the website?

Yes, you still need to connect your Loyalty membership to your Website account to correctly view membership data like your points balance.


Can I redeem points on the Alphamega site?

Yes, you can redeem points in your cart. You can redeem up to 90% of your total cart cost, with a minimum of 1000 points. The redemption online varies from in-store redemption.

More information here



I am looking for some items that are not included on your products list.

We are constantly making additions to our products list. Email us a list of the products you would like to see on the site, and the relevant department will review your recommendations.


Will I earn points and stickers for my purchases?

Yes, you will automatically earn points for any purchases you make (€1= 1 point). You will also earn stickers by inserting your Stick & Win phone number (€10 = 1 sticker) where indicated in your cart. If you have forgotten to enter your Stick & Win number, or if it was inserted incorrectly, please contact us.

The stickers and points will be added to your account after the delivery of your order and will be based on the final cost amount of products delivered and accepted.


Can I add products to my order that are not available online?

You can email us any products you can’t find to forward to the relevant department and review whether they can be added, but we cannot add any products that are not on the site to your order.


I completed my order, but I forgot to add an item.

We cannot edit your order to add any more products or to adjust quantities.


Are there any product limitations?

You can only order up to 4 heavy products. This limitation is mostly set on water bottles. The website will notify you when you reach your capacity of heavy products.  


Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up to 48 hours prior to your delivery slot, by contacting us on 24021230 or by emailing us on [email protected].