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ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets: “Part of your life!”

ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets’ new advertising campaign is creating pictures

for every small and big moment of your lives


Smaller and bigger fragments… pieces of a greater image!

Feelings that build each one’s unique character, leaving their marks on entire generations of Cypriots, aspire to take over a large part of each one’s personality.

A journey defined by our unique breath, our laughter, our cry, our joy, our enthusiasm for everything new or older, for our personal Ithaca.

Every change is an opening to a new path, an exciting moment of our life that marks the beginning of an era. This era will bring to us new loves, less or more important, challenges and responsibilities for life, but also respect towards the environment.

Just like our society and its individual members, we evolve, we take steps forward, we grow up, having in mind the need to share knowledge and experiences.

That’s what ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets do. Out of a sense of responsibility and respecting the customer, they are constantly evolving, to be able to offer upgraded services and support our society over time.

More than 15 cinematic locations all over the island, 35 actors and 60+ talented partners, were part of the puzzle of our new advertising campaign, which exceeds all the rest, with the aim to highlighting the quality aspects of our Hypermarkets and signalling the new era.


ALPHAMEGA Hypermarkets are there for you, “part of your life”!

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