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Alphamega Artisan Platter 1760 g


For 8-10 people

Storage Store in the refrigerator 0°C-4°C
Net Contents 1760 g

Barbers Red Cheddar Leicester Cheese 160 g: Highly pasteurized cow's milk, cheese cultures, salt, rennet, annatto
Montanari Grana Padano Cheese 160 g: Milk, salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from egg
Alphamega Crete’s Kefalotyri Cheese 160 g: Sheep and goat's milk, salt, rennet. Maximum moisture 38%. Fat in dry matter: 40%
Kostakis Smoked Graviera 160 g: Hard cheese from pasteurized goat and sheep milk, 80% pasteurized sheep's milk 20% pasteurized goat's milk, culture, rennet, salt
Emmi Μild Cheese Emmentaler 160 g: Pasteurised cow's milk, bacterial cultures, salt
Blue Heaven Blue Cheese 160 g: Cow's milk, salt, dairy cultures, microbial rennet, mold
Castello Havarti Herbs & Spices 160 g: Milk, salt, piquant spice (67% onion, 26% paprika, 7% dill), lactic acid culture, rennet (microbial)
Golfera Prosciutto Crudo 50 g: Pork leg, salt
Golfera Salami Milano 50 g: Pork, salt, natural flavourings, dextrose, spices, aromatic plants, antioxidants: E301, E300, preservatives: E252, E250
Golfera Mortadella with Pistachio 50 g: Pork, pork tripe, salt, natural flavourings, dextrose and sucrose, pistachio nuts 0.5%, spices, flavour enhancer: E621, aromatic plants, antioxidants: E301, E300, preservatives: E250
Gregoriou Salami with Pepper 50 g: Pork meat, salt, dextrose, pepper (2.5%), spices (with mustard), sugar, antioxidants (sodium ascorbate and isoascorbate), gelatine, preservatives (sodium nitrite and nitrate). 100 g of final product are produced by 150 g meat
Ifantis Fouantre Roasted Pork with Herbs 50 g: Pork (EU origin) 86% water, salt, whey powder, dextrose, maltodextrin, spices, flavorings, smoked food flavoring, antioxidants: sodium erythorbate, sodium ascorbate, sodium citrate, emulsifier: gum arabic, preservative : sodium nitrite
Alphamega Dried Figs 60 g: Figs (Country of origin Greece)
Alphamega Dried Apricots 60 g: Preservative: E200 (ascorbic acid). Country of origin Greece
Alphamega Walnut Kernels 60 g: Walnut Kernels. (Country of origin Chile)
Seedless White Grapes 300 g
AB Authentic Nuts Blanched Almonds 270 g: Blanched almonds. Country of origin USA

Allergy Info

Barbers Red Cheddar Leicester Cheese: Contains milk
Montanari Grana Padano Cheese: Contains milk, egg
Alphamega Crete’s Kefalotyri Cheese: Contains milk
Emmi Μild Cheese Emmentaler: Contains milk
Kostakis Smoked Graviera: Contains milk
Castello Havarti Herbs & Spices: Contains milk
Blue Heaven Blue Cheese: Contains milk
Golfera Mortadella with Pistachio: Contains pistachios. May contain Dried fruit with shell (es. Almond, nuts, hazelnut, walnut Cashew, pecan nut, brazil nut, pistachio nut, Macadamia nut) and products thereof
Gregoriou Salami with Pepper: Contains mustard
Ifantis Fouantre Roasted Pork with Herbs: Contains milk. may contain traces of soy, nuts, celery and mustard
Alphamega Dried Figs: Contains sulphites
Alphamega Dried Apricots: Contains sulphites
Alphamega Walnut Kernels: Contains walnuts
AB Authentic Nuts Blanched Almonds: Contains Almonds. May contain traced of gluten, peanuts, sesame and other nuts with shells

Nutrition Info

Important Notice

Customers are advised to check product packaging for nutritional information and allergen warnings before consumption, as product information is subject to change after publication. You should always read the product label to ensure you are following the most up-to-date information. This is especially important if you have an allergy or intolerance. Allergen information can be found highlighted in the ingredients list on the back of pack